Differences between Through-Hole and Surface-Mount Technologies in PCb Fabrication

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Over the last few years, the popularity of surface-mount technology (SMT) has grown wider. SMT is one of the methods we use in PCB fabrication. While the other method, through-hole technology, is still relevant in some applications, SMT is more preferable for many manufacturers.

You may take a few moments to try to learn about both of these methods, and you will surely thoroughly understand their main differences, unique features, and why SMT is the more preferred option than through-hole.

Through-Hole Technology

Manufacturers have used through-hole technology for so many years to construct almost every printed circuit board. This mounting method uses leads on electrical components that are inserted into holes. These components were drilled on the board and soldered to pads located on the opposite side. This type of technology is quite reliable because it offers strong mechanical bonds, but the extra drilling makes the PCB manufacturing much more expensive.

In addition, the holes create limitations when it comes to the available pathways for signal traces on the board’s layers, which are directly under the top layer on multi-sided PCBs. These are only two of the various reasons why SMT became really more popular than through-hole during the 1980s.

Surface-Mount Technology

PCB Manufacturer

As an alternative to drilling holes during PCB fabrication, SMT allows electrical components to be directly placed or mounted on the surface of the board. In general, the components we use in SMT are smaller compared to their counterparts in through-hole method. This is because SMT either uses smaller lead components or no leads at all. Since the printed circuit board of surface-mount devices (SMDs) do not involve as many drilled holes, and their components are smaller, it makes it possible for higher circuit densities on smaller PCBs. This is particularly important because the electronics today are becoming more compact and more complex. Moreover, SMT is typically less expensive compared to through-hole technology.

Main Differences

There are many differences between these two types of technology in PCB fabrication, but some of the key distinctions include the following:

  • SMT addresses the space issues common to through-hole technology.
  • Components in SMT have smaller or no leads and we directly mount them to the PCB, while components in through-hole method require lead wires that are inserted to drilled holes.
  • In SMT, the pin count is higher compared to through-hole mounting.
  • Since components in SMT are more compact, there is a much higher packing density achieved in this method than through-hole.
  • SMT allow assembly automation during manufacturing, which makes it much more preferable for production with high volumes at less expensive costs compared to through-hole.
  • SMT is usually less expensive during the PCB fabrication, but the capital initially needed for investing in equipment is higher than through-hole.
  • Because of the reduced size of PCBs in SMT, it becomes easier to have higher circuit speeds.
  • SMT requires a really advanced design, skill, technology, and production.
  • When it comes to huge, bulky components, high-voltage and high-power parts, and components that are prone to repeated mechanical stress, through-hole technology is usually the more preferred method.

There are cases wherein through-hole technology is still used in modern PCB manufacturing, but mostly, surface-mount technology is far more superior.

Choosing a PCB Manufacturer That Offers Surface-Mount Technology

PCB Assembly

The cost to buy the machinery and equipment necessary for SMT is really high, so a lot of small electronics companies are having a difficult time to benefit from this efficient method of PCB fabrication. If you are one of them, it will be in your best interest to look for a manufacturer that offers these kinds of services like pcbnet.com.

We can help you integrate surface-mount technology into the design and manufacturing of your printed circuit boards without the need of buying and maintaining costly machineries. We assure you that we are knowledgeable about the best and the latest technological advancements in PCB manufacturing. We also know and apply the best practices for producing complex devices.


Custom Lanyards through the Years

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“What are lanyards?” “Why should I use lanyards?” “In what ways can lanyards be used?” These are only some of the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ relating to the dependable type of strap that is the Lanyard.custom-lanyards

To give a simple vocabulary explanation, a “Lanyard” is a cord or strap that holds something (such as a whistle) that’s typically worn around one’s neck. And most accessed definitions given for the term seem to agree to this by stating that it is indeed “a cord that passes around the neck, shoulders, or wrist for holding a knife, whistle, or similar objects”.

Historically, as far as references go, it dates back to as early as the fifteenth century and the trend first sprung in the country of France. It came from a French word (“laniere”) and later on a Middle English word: “lanyer”, meaning “a short length of rope or line used to secure something”. It’s impressive to know that Lanyards have been useful and reliable for centuries! And it is also fascinating to discover how much it has been developed and improved through the years. “How are they refined, exactly?” You may find yourself asking.

To answer the aforementioned question, let us learn more about a number of changes it went through from its feature that enabled military men to carry their pistols conveniently to its more common function that is carrying ID badges to be worn by students, teachers, corporate employees, and such. While we are at it, we will also run through its progress as a more elaborate and artistic trend as the Custom Lanyards we know today.

As said before, the earliest reference known of its origin is France. It was utilized by French military men to carry their items such as pistols, swords, and whistles with ease by attaching one end of the lanyard to their uniform and connecting the other end to the object. Not only that, it was also used by their units required to ride on horse-back. The lanyard was positioned strategically such that the rider is able to reach his whistle swiftly when he is about to give significant signals to the troop. In addition, lanyards were not only used by the military, initially of France and later on by the military from other parts of the world, in the way previously stated. They were also useful in providing identification relating to a military man’s rank. The different colors, color combinations, and braid patterns display different credentials or regimental connections as it is shown on the man’s shoulder.

When it reached world-wide accessibility and production, the members of the British Royal Artillery used lanyards for security to carry the keys that were used to adjust the fuses of explosive shells. Do you see the resemblance of it first usage to its use today – carrying keys and such items?

Decades later, lanyards were developed to appear more suitable for holding ID badges, keys, and other items in workplaces. With security in mind, thorough checking of identification includes the requirement of an official identification card attached to a strap imprinted with the brand’s or company’s official name, logo, and at other times its address and general contact information. Further, it often provides identification as the personalized strap itself: with the brand name imprinted on the lanyard, it is easier to collectively identify the individuals affiliated with the company or the brand. And in order for the company to have their own personal touch to the lanyard, they turn to Custom Lanyards.

At present, lanyards have been playing a modest role in the age of technology. This is because they also serve as accessory for electronics of different sizes: from small USB flash drives to heavy mobile phones.

Going back to the term, Custom Lanyards are lanyards ordered, usually in large numbers, to fit specific instructions and requirements of an individual or a business. It comes in different sizes, colors, and designs. There are also multiple strap styles and attachment types to choose from in customizing lanyards. As a matter of fact, we offer to our customers the ability to choose their own take on those features.

Today, these Custom Lanyards are as fundamental as they were before. They are, however, more creative and unique. Through all the designing and building that customers can do with their ordered lanyard, we strongly encourage ingenuity and individuality.

Truly, lanyards are dependable and have long centuries of history to prove it. That is why we believe that lanyards have been greatly helpful for such a long time. And after all the astounding developments that they have undergone, there are still more about their history, structure, and function that are yet to be discovered. Without a doubt, they’re here to stay and they certainly are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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ChallengeCoins4Less: Your Best Source Of Top Quality Custom Coins

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Ordering custom coins from ChallengeCoins4Less is made easier, faster and more fun than ever. We are committed to providing our customers with top quality products at amazing prices and in making sure excellent customer support is always available at their fingertips. No matter what type of custom coins you’re looking for—be it military, police, fire department or corporate coins—we have the best solution for you.

We offer free artwork, design, revision and color matching services to ensure your custom coins look exactly the way you want them. Our customization options are at a full range so feel free to experiment with the design until you’re completely satisfied with its appearance. Our talented graphic artists will turn your design ideas into something unique and everyone in your institution will surely be proud to carry and display your coins everywhere they go.

Military Coins

military coinsCustom coins have been widely distinguished ever since the First World War. These items were, and still are, used as a way to recognize excellence, commemorate deployments, remember the fallen and strengthen the bond between unit members. Whichever branch of the Armed Services you belong to, we can furnish custom military coins that will speak for the bravery, dedication and integrity of your devoted members. We understand that coins mean more than just keepsakes to you and the men and women you serve with, they are a symbol of the camaraderie you have built and a representation of the incomparable experiences you went through together.

We, at ChallengeCoins4Less, offer an extensive range of options to make your custom military coins as special as your unit. We can make coins in just about any shape and you can select from our choices of gold, silver, brass, copper or black nickel for the metal color. Whether you have an existing coin design that you want to recreate or want to craft a brand new design for your coins, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Police Coins

Challenge CoinWe employ the same exacting guidelines in creating our police coins as with our military coins. Law enforcement officers are essential to any community and we recognize the sacrifice and dedication they put forth every day. As such, we always endeavor to produce great-looking, quality coins that will represent their unparalleled service.

Our graphic designers are among the finest in the industry. We’ll be glad to work with your present coin design or create a new one that is truly unmatched. Whether you need law enforcement coins to symbolize your entire division or to represent a specific unit, we can provide custom coins in any style at incredible prices. Once you’re ready to order your police coins, expect an easy, quick and hassle-free process only at ChallengeCoins4Less.

Fire Department Coins

challenge coinsWe take all custom coins a serious business, and custom fire department coins are no exception. It is a known fact that firefighters, both professional and volunteers, risk their lives every day for the sake of others. We respect this commitment and so we strive to supply coins of the highest quality to match that dedication in an appealing and professional way.

We make our custom coins available in different shapes, colors, edge designs, attachments and packaging options, all in an effort to provide coins that suit exactly to everyone’s specifications. The ordering process is incredibly easy and if ever you need assistance or have any question you need to clarify, you can always contact our customer service team and they’re always eager to help. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable so expect to get accurate answers and professional advice all the time.

Corporate Coins

Custom corporate coins are an ideal way to celebrate company success, commemorate milestones and acknowledge employee achievements. And in the hunt for the best corporate coins on the market, ChallengeCoins4Less is your surest bet. We have the talent, commitment and experience to provide you with exceptional custom coins that will reflect your company’s sterling reputation in a seamless manner.

custom coinsOur wide array of coin options can fulfill all custom coin needs, including yours. We can craft corporate coins in any shape you want and we can even match the precise shape of your company’s logo if you desire. You can further enhance the appearance of your coins by adding wave-cut, cross-cut or rope-cut edges. Choose from gold, silver, copper, brass, or black nickel metal and incorporate special engraving designs to make them look more elegant. We’ll work with you and make sure your custom corporate coins are as unique and remarkable as your company.

Ready to get started? So are we! Get your free quote today and we’ll deliver your proof within 24 hours. If you need your custom coins sooner, we also do rush orders. Simply give us a call or email us for more details.


A Concise Guide On Selecting Good Golf Drivers

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Given that golfers use irons, wedges, and more recently, hybrids today, there’s lesser room for drivers in their arsenal, which is why you have to choose the best driver suited for your needs as you’ll as majority of your clubs will be composed of the other kinds.

Here Gives The Important Points Before Offer You To Read On As Our Concise Guide Helps You Select Good Golf Drivers:

Of course, you need to be able to buy some equipment first as golf is one of the most expensive hobbies out there. But you don’t have to worry about that, as many retailers such as our own offers great deals out there from some of the best brands out there. You can check at our catalogs on Rockbottomgolf.com website and you’ll be able to see equipment from various manufacturers and their specifications. We’re telling you this because you actually need to understand the specs of your golf drivers before you can actually buy and start playing to the best of your ability.

Golf DriversAs golfers deserve to know, we make sure to list down the technical specifications of the loft, shaft, grip, length and other information so that anyone who reads them will know whether the equipment will fit their needs. These are all essential details that will affect how you play as these will determine the amount of backspin and trajectory you are able to put on the ball, as well as the degree of control you can have depending on the specs.

There is a need to know the amount of loft you should be seeking for your golf drivers. The loft is the angle of the club face, which is measured in degrees, and depending on the makeup, it’ll allow you to land shots with higher trajectories or longer shots. The angle will also determine how much control you’ll be able to have and whether the club will be more forgiving on some errors on either your form or swing. For beginners, we recommend to use a driver a loft of at least 10.5o as anything less than that would be harder to control. A lower loft provides a shot that flies lower but rolls longer, however requires a faster swing in order to become a consistent long and straight weapon.

With regards to specifications on the shaft, it’s actually pretty difficult to compare the performance of each shaft without actually trying out the different golf clubs by yourselves first. Many manufacturers have tried to measure their shafts using factors such as the length, weight, material, flex, kick point and torque. The ones you should check first are the length and weight. Having a longer shaft gives you more distance on your shot while a shorter shaft grants you more control. Taking your height into consideration, choosing between one depends on your ability and preference.

GolfWith regards to the material, knowing what your club is made of is useful as the weight can directly affect the levels of speed and comfort on your shots. For the other specifications, it may actually be difficult to compare as manufacturers may have different standards for their golf clubs, which is why it is better to try out the clubs first. Another thing to note is to check the dexterity of your driver. Make sure to buy the correct one depending on your dominant hand you use as most manufacturers make clubs for both right and left-handers.

If choosing golf drivers still feels like guesswork, then there is a need for you to play even more as the art of selecting one largely depends on you. Yes, you are the only who can determine the best equipment that fits your style and your comfort as you need to be able to hit the ball as naturally as you can. This applies for buying other clubs as well. The reason why you need to bring different types of clubs such as irons, wedges, fairways, woods and drivers is because you need to learn to be comfortable with each and have enough experience with them so that you’ll be able to use the right one when a unique situation arises.

Taylormade golfBeyond that, golf is not merely a technical game but a mental game as well. Our general rule of thumb is to choose the golf driver that you are most comfortable with, as the only way to bring your best out of the game is to make sure that you are always in a good state of mind. If you’re ready to select one now, feel free to visit our site at Rock Bottom Golf as we offer you the most incredible deals on the golf drivers and other equipment.


Motivational Speaker Success Presents Business Reflections as Tool for Better Profits

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Day by day, businesses struggle to cope with the adversities and challenges that come their way. Either they are flexible enough to become adaptive of changes, or they may be operating archaic systems that drown them in the advancement of this modern era. It is important to note how well they can manage their resources to incur cost while getting high profits in return. However, what if their financial statements already show that their performance is dwindling? Year by year, their comparatives are stating that they are losing more and more. Shouldn’t they be alarmed? Aren’t they going to do anything about it?

Firstly, they need to have a bird’s eye view of their current situation. They need to determine if they are more of a potential achiever or are they failing to reach their targets. If they are progressing, it’s good news for them. It’s either they have no direct competitors in their niche, or they are just steering their ships in the brighter direction. What about those having red signals. Are they just going to stare on their study? For them who suffer losses, they must analyze why they are on hot waters. There are probable causes. They must put into consideration all elements of businesses. It is crucial to conduct research to determine if their operational management is still appropriate for them.Speaker

It is good to note that money is not the only source of life of their operations. They should also consider their workforce. Employees are the backbone of a company.

Top-level management decisions are nothing if there are no middlemen or frontlines who will act on them. It is also beneficial to check the climate on their workforce. Work-life balance and harmony must be maintained. Their needs and wants shall also be addressed. No one will run the businesses if there are no staffs.

What if the management fail to deal with all these? Well, our site, www.-success.com can come to the rescue. We have someone who is talented enough to give proper advices in the mentioned cases. He has already worked with a lot of multibillion dollar worth companies, famous leaders, financial and telecoms bosses who have heard his wonderful talks. He is Garrison Wynn, award-winning motivational speaker whose range of expertise traverses across conglomerates and proprietorships.

You may head to our site, www.motivational-speaker-success.com, for your guest speaker needs. If you are dealing with tough moments with your progress nowadays, our speaker, Garrison Wynn can help you out. His programs are worth listening to. As stated by his previous clients, who are big names of handful of industry leaders, he is a great resource speaker. Wynn is down to earth, humorous and entertaining. With a lot of powerful and inspiring stories to tell, he transforms individuals. Their lives are changed after hearing Wynn’s keynotes speeches. Also, our speakers in www.motivational-speaker-success.com don’t theorize. We research. Thus, the services we provide are topnotch, prepared creatively while being researched thoroughly.

Garrison’s speeches are words not to be forgotten. They can influence. Each of his talks will make you think and motivate you to go out of your comfort zone. Whatever you hear from him, you can apply immediately. He can answer your big question on how to make people do what you want when you want it to be done. He doesn’t choose his audience; he can talk to a janitor and a CEO alike. His approach is relatable because he customized them to match the listeners’ needs. His objectives not only to make companies stay, rather to have a wider reach and be the best in their area. For the employees, they will be entertained to learn how to not just be the best, but how also to be consistent so that they will always be “the One” for the job.

There are lots of subjects to be developed. Leadership is a must have especially for those who have defects due to poor management. Being a good leader is not an overnight success. In Wynn’s word, you can be the best leader to initiate the best action plan to reach your targets. There is also employee engagement and communication. Through humor, he can actively engage the audience to what he is saying. Thus, the element mostly lacking to top managers is good communication in which the message is directly understood by the receiver.

Most often, harmony cannot be established in organizations due to ineffective communication. Generational differences cannot also be set aside. With the rising population of young entrepreneurs, the brilliance of younger generation is something to be learned by the older ones since what they know may already be obsolete in this generation we are in nowadays.

Thus, start reflecting now because the time to act is not tomorrow. Time is important because every second that pass is either a lost opportunity to develop your agonizing system that takes away your profit as you let time pass. Be effective now and reach the team that can lead the way and can boost your organization, not only to its limits but to unleash your full potential and capabilities to gain the best anyone can imagine.

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Weight Loss

Homeopathic HCG 101: What Is It and Does It Work?

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in the placenta. It is a hormone that sustains the growth of progesterone, which enables the uterus to line itself with blood vessels and capillaries. HCG causes a pregnant woman to lose weight because it resets the body’s metabolism, causing the person not to feel hungry and thus reduce food intake. Today, it comes in different forms: injectable, oral, and drops.

hcgA lot of people are scared stiff to inject any non-medicinal substances to their bodies, and HCG treatment is not exempt from the list because HCG is yet to receive a formal sanction from the government. As a result of this fear, doctors introduced a solution that would make people lose weight without having to inject HCG. The alternative is to take it orally through homeopathic HCG. The other form is HCG drop, which has higher concentrations of the hormone.

This also means that the treatment will be a lot cheaper than the normal HCG drops and will be available without a doctor’s prescription. With homeopathic HCG, people will save a lot of money and even time, considering that concentrated HCG is only available by order, which takes time to ship, as opposed to its diluted form, which is easily available in many drug stores.

What Is Homeopathic HCG?

Homeopathy is a treatment approach in which a specific amount of medicine is diluted in water until it is no longer traceable even at a molecular level. In homeopathy, the very cause of illness is the source of the cure. It is believed, though, that the water will have a memory of this substance and when taken, the patient will develop an immune system, albeit slowly, to the disease. In the case of HCG, the body will be absorbing the HCG in little doses and provide the same effect as injectable or oral HCG, more details are given at 1hcgdrops.com.

Researches and observations show that people who take homeopathic HCG treatment are getting the same positive results as those who take oral HCG drops. Strangely enough, the homeopathic HCG treatment dissolves bad fat in the body and converts these bad fats into usable energy or body fuel, making the person lose weight. What homeopathic HCG does is to direct the body’s response and movement to the right path to health.

Does Homeopathic HCG Really Work?

There are critics who claim that homeopathic HCG, accompanied by a 500-calorie diet daily, will affect a person’s overall health in a negative way because the diet reduces the body’s nutrient intake and that there is not enough HCG in this type of treatment to substantially burn bad fats. What these critics claim is not true. There are many studies that compare people on a 500-calorie diet without HCG to those who are on the same diet with HCG. The results are amazingly in favor of those who are in homeopathic HCG treatment. They lost more fat and weight than the control group. To top that, they experienced little or no hunger at all. They also showed less negative side effects such as binge eating and showed little emotional reactions.

Simply put, homeopathic HCG works and it works well. The only difference you will see if you compare it with injectable and oral HCG is that it will take longer to see the effects. This is primarily because homeopathic HCG has lower doses of HCG than its other forms. Keep in mind that the homeopathic approach is for those who have biases on direct injections or direct oral ingestion of HCG in its concentrated form. The result in fat loss is the same but the length of time required for the treatment will significantly vary.